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In 2004 Zaha Hadid became the first woman to be awarded the Pritzker Prize (the architectural equivalent to an Oscar) by The Hyatt Foundation since its establishment in 1979.  This was an amazing honor in the field of architecture and I remember being very proud and excited as a young designer.  While her accomplishments are significant,  we should remember that she is not the only female architect making important contributions to the built environment today.  There have been a number of articles published highlighting other female architects – I cannot ignore this fact.  These lists, however, are similar in that they focus on other extremely talented, well-known architects.  What about a few lesser known talents?

I have a beginning list of architects that practice with a passion and rigor worthy of notice.  You may or may not have heard of them, but (to me) they get the respect and admiration I would also hold for the “bigger names”.

Enjoy & share your thoughts on this issue… (click images for architects website)

suzane reatig architecture Suzane Reatig: Washington, DC

 Suman Sorg: Washington, DC

 Yen Ha & Michi Yanagishita: NYC

 Rocio Romero: St. Louis, Missouri

 Michelle Kaufmann: California