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The DIY home decor movement has made design accessible to everyone.  It has also brought the idea of good design to the forefront of the general public, where as before design may have been thought of as a luxury for only the elite or wealthy.  While this shift is great, if everything in your home is a DIY project, it could (hopefully not) run the risk of looking like a large scale craft project.  Your home is your biggest investment, and starting with with a pieces that address the floor, wall and furniture aspects of your home that need no further manipulation will balance the DIY zeal!

Beautiful: A great chair – Just as sculpture “fills” a gallery with just a solo piece, a beautiful piece of furniture can set the tone for a space.  Begin with a chair that looks great from all angles, is solid in its construction and has good detailing, options abound!  Visit Room & Board, Herman Miller or Y-Living.

Sexy:  Wallpaper – Every now and then, and in the right amount, every space needs a little “sexy”.  Subtle sexy or bold sexy works – depending on your space.  Wallpaper is an easy way to add instant texture, color or bold graphics to a space.  Look at Y-Living wall paper and Graham & Brown.

Cool:  Carpet Tile – Carpet tiles, once used in commercial spaces, are becoming a popular and affordable alternative to broadloom carpet (carpet off of a large roll).  Flor has a great selection of carpet tiles in an array of colors, patterns and pile height.

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