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Do you know when the change happens?

The change that slowly unfolds and we only notice it when we get to a point in our lives or careers where we are a little less optimistic?  We dream a little less?

Two years ago, I had the awesome honor and pleasure of spending the first year of my son’s life at home with him.  We were together every single day for his first 365 days.  Career wise, it made sense…I had just completed teaching my final semester before maternity leave and I had begun to lay the groundwork for my new business.  The economy was still a little sluggish and so I waited things out while hanging out with this beautiful being and we had a great year!

As my son approached his 1st birthday he became mobile – first crawling, then walking 3 months later.  He became determined to try anything and everything (as babies do).  At 10 months old, he became obsessed with crawling up the stairs (he couldn’t get down, however).  During this time, I would hear him practice saying “mommy”, “daddy”, “bus” “train”, etc.  At first the sounds were unrecognizable to anyone but me, but overtime, he gained the proper pronunciation.  In the process of learning, however, he didn’t care how he sounded, he wasn’t ashamed if he felt it took him too long.  He didn’t care if he had an audience or not.  Working through these challenges was fun for him.  He simply repeated the task over and over (without frustration) until he felt he had mastered it.  At two years old, I have beamed inside as I have watched him practice this process with so many things in his new, little world.

As adults, we become self aware, sometimes too self aware.  If somethings takes us too long, we figure we weren’t the right person for it.  If we aren’t perfect at something from the very beginning, we conclude that we didn’t have the talent for it.  We discount too many of our dreams because they don’t happen as quickly and as perfectly as we believe they should.  We allow our fears, anxieties and past experiences to get too big and overwhelm us from moving at all.

I am continuously inspired by watching my son accomplish challenges without fear or an ego.  In just two years of life, he has taught me a very simple, yet effective rule that I have seem him live daily: patience + practice = progress.