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Even with a computer in front of me, a cell phone to my right and an i-pad to my left, I still choose to sketch.  Manually.

For me, to sketch is to think.

My love for sketching began with my mother drawing the outline of human figures on loose leaf paper.  I watched in amazement as she easily drew recognizable women, men and children.  She would sketch cars, houses with trees, ladies with purses and men with ties.   They were not perfect, mind you, but she did it with ease and confidence.  I love that I picked this up from her.

The act of pulling and pushing my pen across paper awards me the opportunity to think, reflect and create.  Heavy materials get dark lines, light materials are rendered with light lines.  Hatching differentiates between solid and void, or signifies texture, material or shade.  I can solve a problem with a sketch so much faster than with a mouse or keypad.  I am not at all knocking these tools, I use them myself.  I just know where the beginning essence of a design idea resides – and for me,  it is in the sketch.  In our own poetic tremors.

“The initial sketch is always an emotion, not a concept”  – Sambo Mockbee