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Come Friday night, after a long work week, I am happy to watch old episodes of Fraser on Netflix.

Last friday night, however, I attended an event sponsored by the Atlanta Downtown Neighborhood Association called Brighten Up Broad Street with my husband and son.  Tired, hungry and a little grumpy I jumped in the car and rode a few miles to the event on Broad street.  Just like most of you, getting out of the house when you had not planned on it typically ends in a good evening.

Once we arrived, there was an immediate energy on Broad Street- there were jugglers, flame-eaters, unicycle riders and acrobats.  There was a band playing, people dancing, eating and laughing.  Needless to say – my grumpiness evaporated as I walked into the crowd of fellow Atlantans and began to enjoy myself.

While my husband watched our son (he was absorbed in drawing on the sidewalk with chalk), I wondered into an open door of a building along Broad Street.  The ground floor of the building opened for the night to house the work of local artists.  I did not get a chance to see all of the art – perhaps because two particular artists consumed my attention with their amazing illustrations.  Diego Penuela and Nuri Keli are students at SCAD in the Illustration Department.  Besides being ridiculously talented, I believe I was drawn to the work of these artists because it is so different from how designers and architects typically chose to communicate through representation.

The illustrations of Nuri Keli remind you of children’s stories while other images are reminiscent of being in a dream like state…


Diego’s work to me was beautifully twisted…a little like some of my dreams I bore my husband with.  I’ll even try to sketch a few, but they look nothing like these!

Both artists show their process drawings on their blogs located in the links in their names – check it out!