This was an earlier post from this past July and thought I would “reblog” it. With the end of the year upon us, I have been asked to sit on a few design juries (for architectural and design students) and I often draw from these sources…enjoy and feel free to add to the list of books that have inspired you. They needn’t be “design” books either…inspiration abounds!


Once when I was working in a large design firm in a high-rise building, the fire alarm sounded.  As instructed, we rose from our work and began making our way to the stairwell.  Just before I descended the firestair, I spotted an intern frantically gathering every single book they brought to the office since their first day on the job.  The intern did not realize that it was a firedrill.

Most designers are serious about their books.  I am no different.  

Design books not only present us with knowledge, they instruct and inspire us.  They reveal places we hope to visit one day, or show us projects we would love to build!  Over the years, I have slowly built a collection of design books and I would l like to share a few of my favorites with you.

1.  The Sensual Home by Ilse Crawford.  This was the…

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