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june baby

We are expecting the blessing of our second child this June – with a level of expectation and excitement indescribable…

Because of my age, I am considered “Advanced Maternal Age” – as if it is some disease! I, for one, am happy with my AMA – I am more mature, more confident and more able to enjoy every little thing this little person is to do. With Nigel, our first son, I was at home with him for the first year of his life and I loved every minute of it. Not only did I get a chance to see him grow, but as an interior designer and soon-to-be architect, I was at my most creative. Looking at him and knowing what his presence meant convinced me that there wasn’t anything I couldn’t do. Watching him master things (sitting up, crawling, walking) also reminded me to remain focused on the creative things that were important to me. There is an awesome boldness that comes with motherhood – perhaps it is because of the age…

With the upcoming arrival of our second child, I know there will be plenty of challenges ahead – but I am ready. I am ready to savor every minute with this new little person. I am ready to introduce him or her (we will wait until the birthdate to find out the sex) to their spirited older brother, I am ready to see what new creative energies I will be opened to through this inevitable growth experience.

So yes! I welcome the whole idea of “advanced maternal age” because from what I have experienced so far, it has been our best design!