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andrewassociates.netI am caught between two worlds…

The lovely and colorful world of fabrics, finishes and furniture excite me and at the same time, the tectonics of an parts that make up the whole:  the ethereal facade (think Peter Zumthor), the sculptural articulation of a space (think Parthenon) and clever details (Scarpa) excite me also.

So I have been asking myself this question – is there a way to respectfully and happily merge the two disciplines (architecture and decoration) – say…in a modern home? To decorate the home so that it does not resemble a “model home” or a “staged home”, but a comfortable extension of the lives lived there? Are there homes that are decorated in such a way that are a true compliment to the architecture?

Modern homes by definition are minimal in their decor, relying on the functional and aesthetically pleasing composition of materials and architectural elements.  Below are a few images of spaces that, yes – I like them, but perhaps also serve as the modern house decorated…

Please feel free to add links of homes that you feel seamlessly merge the two!


a living room with architectural details (window, millwork) + a warm and inviting interior. The view doesn’t hurt!!


A reference to the traditional style with the moldings – but the warmth and elegance this space has is quite nice~

The Tulip Avenue House by Deborah Berke Partners is minimal – but the natural light and well detailed wood work are balanced with the well chosen decor.


A classic! The Marden House by Frank Lloyd Wright isn’t afraid of decoration! I love the composition of elements that allow the architecture to remain strong. Curtains, upholstery & accessories! (yea!)


The Chesnut Drive Residence by the Miller Hull Partnership’s main material is wood – the addition of the lights and artwork are nice…I can imagine living here!

The unique decor in the House of Light by Olson Kundig Architects

elle_decor_Modern_curves copy-1

not minimal at all! A game of composition!