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There were a few reasons to celebrate last evening…

This past May I entered a design competition sponsored by ASID & Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Magazine.  While I did not win the competition (I want to sincerely thank those of you who voted for me), I was honored to have been selected as a finalist.  Last night on the 45th floor at the Residences at Mandarin Oriental, Atlanta we celebrated the winners of the competition, Grayson Harris Interiors.  With a very tight schedule (2 months, I believe) they did a beautiful job of outfitting the 3500 sq. ft. space with eclectic furniture, rich and tactile finishes, great artwork and lighting.  With each and every space considered, the finished design was luxurious and welcoming.  It was nice to see that their initial proposal was similar to what was shown in the finished design.

Not only did I finally get a chance to meet the winners, I also had a chance to talk with the other esteemed finalist, Jo Rabaut of Rabaut Design Associates about her entry and how her and her team constructed their proposal.  In touring the different rooms, you couldn’t help but “overhear” from those involved with the project how the trades had to literally work on top of each other to complete the tight deadline and the challenges of strategic scheduling.  Ahhh…the realities of how it really happens, yes?  Nonetheless, the space was a success and I had a great time!


Grayson Harris Interiors (guest room)


Grayson Harris Interiors (dining room)


Grayson Harris Interiors (kitchen)


My initial proposal


Me with Robert Grayson and Andrew Harris

Another reason to celebrate?  It was my first night out of the house since with my husband since the birth of our beautiful daughter, Zada.  It was a fun night!