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You will never get me to choose one side over another.  To me, good design is good design. I have a love for rich and colorful fabrics, wool rugs and period furniture as well as creatively expressed buildings, a clean, modern facade and intelligently expressed details.

In my last post (decorator. architect. designer.), I spoke of my general thoughts on decorating, architecture and interior design.  True enough, each of these disciplines exist as entities and careers on their own, but for me, most spaces (mainly our living spaces) are not complete unless these elements are considered and carefully and skillfully manipulated so that the right amount of one discipline supports and compliments the other.  It is a delicate dance of balance and restraint…

In this post, I choose to focus on the act of decorating.

Merriam-Webster defines decorating as “something that is added to something else to make it more attractive” and “something that adorns, enriches, or beautifies”.  Just to establish a difference (and yes, there are differences) between decorating and interior design, interior design is defined as the “art or process of designing the interior decoration of a room or a building”.  In my experience, this has meant a more rigorous act of investigation by an engaged understanding of the physical constraints (walls, ceilings, doors, structure, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, etc.).  In decorating, the room or space is already intact for complete and a decorator adds elements to the space In interior design, the interior designer has an influence in shaping, designing the actual space.  In short, decorating has to do only with applied finishes – wallpapers, upholstery, throw pillows, carpets, rugs, etc. – objects used to enhance a space.  A space does not need these elements to be habitable, however, the level (amount and style) of decoration applied is subjective. 

When well done, decorating has the ability to transform a space and reveal the elements and objects that are important to the end user. In this post, I choose to celebrate pure and unadulterated decorating! Decorating that doesn’t try to be anything else!  It certainly helps if the shell the decorating happens in is designed well – but if it isn’t, isn’t that the whole point to decorating…to beautify?


beautiful objects arranged on furniture


Furniture, Fabrics & Fixtures creating an environment.


Good decorating employs the balance of color, texture and placement.


creating a focal point with decorating – a vibrant wallpaper


modern decor: a balance of upholstered seats, pillows, curtains and wallpaper


decoration of the eclectic


throw pillows, wall art and sculptural furniture decorate this room


textured objects of different size & shape


decorative details


floors, walls & ceilings considered