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“I love building spaces: architecture, furniture, all of it, probably more than fashion.  The development procedure is more tactile.  It’s about space and form and it’s something you can share with people.”  – Donna Karan

Architecture is a broad, complex and exciting subject.  The same can be said for the profession.  From following my blog, most of you know that I have a love for all things design. However, my career interests lie in the harmonious and successful blending of (the ideas of) interior and exterior and its immediate contextual and cultural surroundings.

From a post a few weeks ago (decorator. architect. designer.) I wrote of my beginning experiences in summer option (Auburn University CADC) and how I ended up on the side with the people-who-like-interior-design because I liked the course description.  While that may give the impression that I wasn’t very informed about my career aspirations – it has revealed more to me now than it did at that time.  I believe the courses that lead to an interior design degree used descriptors such as the “making of space”, “artifacts of living”, “learning to develop a sequence of spaces” and “constructed habitats” to outline the learning objectives.  Because of the way I know practice and how I want to grow, it made complete sense for me to be drawn to the way this specific type of design was introduced to me. (I am sure there was an equally intriguing description about architecture, but once I heard the general description for interior design, I was sold).

I have often likened my interest in merging interior and exterior to the abstract ideas brought about by Henri Lefebvre in his book The Production of Space.  He speaks about a spider that “occupies a space which it engenders according to its own lights: the space of its web, of its stratagems, of its needs” and how “this spider operates on a space-time continuum, moving from one level of understanding to another – implying a shift to a more complex comprehension.”*  For this mode of practice, there is an abstract sense of having starting at a point and moving outward. In choosing my direction for design early on, it wasn’t that the description of interior design was “it” or the “final” for me, but it at least talked about design in the manner I wanted to first think about, learn about and practice. This description, later on discovered, was incomplete.

Once a spiders’ contextual boundaries are established, it constructs its web from the inside out.


I have always thought about the movement from the interior of the web to the exterior of the web as one move, one entity, one idea.  Once I realized my web (as an interior designer) only extended so far, I received the education and experience that would allow me to access the outer web.

Enter architecture.

For me, the practice of architecture was never about creating bombastic objects that sat on a piece of land.  The creation was more about an extension from the interior all set within the contextual boundaries of existing surroundings.

As always…your thoughts are welcome!

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Writing this blog is as much for me as for my readers because with each blog post, I am reminded of my career aspirations and it serves to refocuses me.  Writing does that…it keeps me on track as to what is important to me, because I have to think before I write.

With the birth of my daughter a few months ago (she is 15 weeks this sunday!) I began working on my website, dawn trimble studio.  Alot of what is there now is a place holder as I add, edit and refine…but know that it is a work in progress.  Because I think process is just as important as the final product/project, I am introducing it to you before it is “compete”.  I hope you choose to continue this journey with me (or if you are new to this blog – welcome!).  You can connect with me through a variety of platforms and document this growth with me (and I pray that there is growth).  I have always wanted to have a practice that allowed me to have an active dialogue with other professionals and clients.

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