Hi and thank you for visiting my blog.

I started this blog late July 2012 as a way to document and inform my passion for interior design and architecture while simultaneously building a design practice that intelligently, responsibly and beautifully responds to a holistic approach to design.  Having  educational and professional experience in interior design and architecture, I am often asked which I prefer.  What I prefer is to NOT choose.  I love the elements of both – rich and colorful fabrics and wool rugs as well as creatively articulated buildings and sleek facades!

Comprehensive design at its best can be quite a sensual experience – calling attention to sight, sound and touch.  I continue to be fascinated by the historically significant and beautifully articulated Pantheon in Rome.  At the same time, I am equally fascinated by unique interior spaces that come to life with the appropriate selection of materials, furniture and color – pillows and curtains included, thank you!

I believe that the best designers are generalists and agile in their approach to design.  At the same time, they are connoisseurs of the things that are of particular interest to them.

seamless is a blog intended to document my investigation towards the type of practice I want to build: a practice where the lines of architecture and interior design are blurred or, shall I say it?  seamless

Here are a few posts you may want to read if you’re new to this blog:

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While I working to build this practice, feel free to check out my current website at:  www.dawntrimblestudio.com

Should you or someone you know in the Atlanta, Georgia area need professional design assistance with a project or just have a general question, please contact me at: dt@dawntrimblestudio – I am happy to help!

Thank you!

dawn m trimble, asid, leed ap

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